Kikuchi-What is Kikuchi?

Kikuchi provides customers with the technical assistance they need to meet their demands and realize their ideas. We provide integrated support for monozukuri (a term that describes the Japanese approach to manufacturing), with a package solution system that encompasses every stage from development and new product design, through die making and prototype production, to evaluation and mass production. For forty years since our founding in 1970, we have played a role in the development products in every field.
As we move into the information age, there are fears that the soul of monozukuri  the heart of Japan’s economic strength  has weakened in recent years. At Kikuchi, we believe that monozukuri will form part of the foundations of Japanese society in any age. For that reason, Kikuchi will continue its commitment to supporting manufacturers into the future.
Technology with the broadest array of applications. Facilities geared to bringing out the best possible performance from the technology. And the ability to provide solutions, drawing on knowledge and expertise cultivated over decades.
Calling on these strengths, we are determined to continue building our reputation as a cutting-edge partner for our customers.

For Kikuchi, monozukuri doesn’t mean producing arts and crafts. We solve our customers’ problems, and we earn recognition from our customers when we deliver results that exceed their expectations. Following a review of our direction, we have developed a new slogan. This slogan is to be shared by all Kikuchi Group employees, to ensure they retain their enthusiasm and their love of a challenge. It also captures our pledge to our stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, and employees.