Kikuchi-Group History

April 1970 Initiated business of precision sheet metal fabrication, tool & die processing, prototype manufacturing at Hachioji, Tokyo
Oct 1974 Started volume production business by installation of sheet metal press machines
March 1976 Established KIKUCHI SEISAKUSHO CO., LTD.
Dec 1984 Established Fukushima Factory No.1
Nov 1988 Established Fukushima Factory No.2
March 1990 Established KOREA KIKUCHI CO., LTD. in Korea
Aug 1990 Established Fukushima Factory No.3
Dec 1991 Established Hachioji Factory ( current Head office and Hachioji Factory No.1) at Miyama Industrial Park in Hachioji, Tokyo
June 1992 Established Fukushima Factory No.4
May 1998 Established Fukushima Factory No.5
Nov 1998 Started installation of Magnesium Thixo molding machines at Fukushima Factory No.2
June 2000 Head Office moved to Miyama Industrial Park., Hachioji, Tokyo
March 2001 Established Hachioji Factory No.2
August 2002 Established KIKUCHI (HONG KONG) LTD.
March 2003 Established china factory of KIKUKCHI (HONG KONG) LTD in Guang Dong China
October 2003 Approval of ISO9001 certification
July 2005 Approval of ISO14001 certification
April 2006 Established Hachioji Factory No.3
and "MONOZUKURI" Mechatronics Laboratory for Research&Developemnt
May 2009 Established Fukushima Factory No.6
April 2010 Merge and Acquisition of Alminum hot die casting Business(capability)
August 2011 Established Nihonmatsu Factory (in Fukushima)
October 2011 Stock listed in OSAKA Exchange JASDAQ
April 2012 Established Main Office Factory No.3 (in Hachioji)
November 2012 Established Kawauchi Factory (in Fukushima)
August 2013 Certified as a (Issued)Medical Device Product Manufacture Certification NO.13BZ200724
December 2013 Initiated Startup Business “INNOPHYS CO., LTD
September 2015 Initiated Startup Business “KIKUCHI HIGHTECH SUPPLY CO., LTD