Kikuchi-Businesses-Kikuchi’s Strengths

With an established system of support through its package solution, Kikuchi has absolute confidence in its flexibility and quality. In particular, we see our strength as deriving from three areas, described below.

We are always prepared to invest in new technologies. But we also devote energy to improving and preserving master craftsman techniques. The state-of-the-art and systematized techniques and traditional craftsmanship that we offer can be obtained only through experience. Companies lacking one or the other cannot respond to evolving needs. It is with this recognition that we have constructed an extensive technological base, and we see that as one of our core strengths.
No matter how skilled the artisan and how strong the arm, nothing can be done without the right equipment. Kikuchi has been constantly committed to ensuring that it has the machines and equipment is needs. Our nine factories boast more than 200 models of 300 units of equipment, with each factory sharing design data with our development and design sections online. With this investment, we have built a system that allows rapid experimental processing and evaluation.
It is natural for a monozukuri enterprise to emphasize its technologies and equipment. But alone, these two elements amount only to infrastructure. The ability to propose solutions is essential, and here Kikuchi identifies its third strength, thanks to the teamwork of its sales force and engineers. Even before product drawings exist, we exhaustively study the issues confronting the customer, and then propose the optimal solution.