Kikuchi-Research & Development

We seek to achieve what others might find too difficult. Kikuchi has development capabilities developed over decades, which we call on to produce fresh new ideas. We also look further ahead, developing business of the future by working with university laboratories and the public sector in research and development, in which we provide consulting from a manufacturing perspective. Exchanges among organizations and thinking that transcends any one enterprise opens the way to new innovations.

We have set up a Monozukuri Mechatronics Laboratory as an annex to our headquarters in Tokyo Hachioji district. The laboratory operates in close cooperation with outside university and government organizations, creating machines that make possible new visions, and developing a better future for the world. The Monozukuri Mechatronics Laboratory is where Kikuchi develops new products and technologies, often in close links with regional organizations.

Going beyond research and development, the Monozukuri Mechatronics Laboratory also calls on our extensive know-how to provide business support, producing innovative new ideas through a commitment to external cooperation.

Research & Development

Project name Joint Research With
Three-dimensional pipe Bender Tokyo Institute of Technology, HOSEI University et al.
Micro Fluidies Device Regional consortium (Tokyo Metropolitan University and 3 other University, 5 other enterprise)
Muscle Suits® Tokyo University of Science
Independence Aid Equipment Iwate University, Shibaura Institute of Technology, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo University of Technology, Waseda University
Medical Equipment Kyushu University, Waseda University