Kikuchi-Quality Control/Environmental Conservatio

Our clients operate globally, and to satisfy their high demands for quality, cost, and speed, we have adopted a quality management system based on the ISO9001 international standard. Measurements of 1/1000 mm units are made using precision measuring instruments, such as three-dimensional instruments and microscopes. We seek to maintain high quality through a constant exchange of information among our sections and with our clients, to make data available and ensure the highest possible quality standards.

Kikuchi has introduced the ISO14001 environmental management system to ensure that it meets the environmental benchmarks that its clients expect. We also undertake our own environmental initiatives, to meet international green procurement standards. We understand our obligation to protect the global environment, and this understanding informs the way we approach every aspect of our business.

ISO9001 2003 Certification approval
ISO14001 2005 Certification approval
ISO9001・ISO 14001
Head Office/Hachioji Factory No1~No3/Fukushima Factory No1~No.6
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IISO9001 2006 Certification approval Certification number : 04506Q109890S
ISO14001 2006 Certification approval Certification number : 04506E101750S

ISO9001 2005 Certification approval Certification number:DKQ-2720
ISO14001 2006 Certification approval Certification number ESC1064
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