Kikuchi-Businesses-Machining and Design and manufacture of volume production and of jig and tool production

Kikuchi is able to provide bonding and cutting, such as mechanical components and external parts, regardless of size. The Group boasts 2D, 3D CAD/CAM, special machining centers, and a range of processing equipment. What makes Kikuchi different is that we are prepared to process all materials, including resins and metals, and to meet customer demands in specifications, delivery date, and cost.
We can also provide special joins of metallic and resin parts, and vacuum casting services.

Camera interior components, office equipment (such as copiers and printers), and auto parts, etc.

The Kikuchi Group manufactures devices such as assembly and inspection equipment precisely tailored to customer needs. We facilitate the process with equipment and systems to handle every aspect of an order, from component design through to assembly, control and on-site work.

With its package solution, the Kikuchi Group accepts orders not only for parts processing, but also for assembly and secondary work. This represents major benefits for the customer, in the form of low cost, high accuracy, and short lead-times. We can also make the tools used for assembly and inspection at the same time, in accordance with customer requirements.